Saturday, May 25, 2013

New fairytale romance novel: "The Snow Queen" now available on Amazon

Elizabeth Gannon's newest book, The Snow Queen is now available on Amazon!

The Snow Queen

Beauty: Kai is not the most popular man in the village. He can’t fish and he doesn’t want to be a warrior. Instead, he wants to excavate the area for traces of the village’s past, whether it happens to be underneath the main street in town or beneath someone’s flower garden. He is content to live a quiet life and dream of something more. Truth be told, Kai is a mystery to most of the people in town… which is why they choose to send him across the frozen tundra to die.

The Beast: The Snow Queen is not the most popular person in the kingdom, despite the fact that she rules it. Not that she cares what others think. She’s content to sit in her magical ice palace, brooding about all the things she’s lost and striking fear into the hearts of the idiot villagers. But, when her most treasured possession is destroyed by those morons, she comes looking for someone to fix it. Or for some swift, icy vengeance. Instead, she gets Kai. The annoying human is offered to her by the village like a sacrifice. The deal is quite simple: he’ll use his skills to fix her treasure or she’ll destroy everyone. Rather than be terrified of the threat though, the man appears only too happy to assist her in piecing the history of her family back together. What does he want from her? Why hasn’t she simply killed him? And why does his smile melt her cold heart?


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