Monday, May 13, 2013

New Superhero novel: "Electrical Hazard" is now available!

The next chapter in the Consortium of Chaos superhero novel romance series, Electrical Hazard is now for sale on Amazon!


The Consortium of Chaos: The super-villain organization semi-unwillingly thrust into the field of heroics. They’re not nice people, but now they do nice things. …Occasionally. If it’s during office hours and there’s nothing good on TV, anyway.

The Consortium of Chaos goes back to school!

Stacy: Stacy’s awesome. Just ask her. Her powers let her control electricity, she’s collected every Pokemon card, and she’s almost sure she isn’t going to flunk of college this semester. Being Stacy has never been so amazing! Honestly, she’s positive could be running the entire C of C, whipping the villains-turned-heroes into shape, except she’s got bigger ideas percolating in her cheerfully evil brain. Stacy’s determined to fulfill the next step of her master plan to claim her man. She’s been in love with Hazard since she was a little girl. Now that she’s all grown-up, it’s the time to teach the eight foot giant on who he really belongs to. What better place to begin his education than at Garden State University?

Hazard: Hazard’s alone and he likes it that way. For two hundred years, he lived in unrelenting pain and darkness. Then, he met a certain chipper blonde with criminal ideas and a shiny smile who gave him a reason to live. For some reason he can’t fathom, Stacy has followed him around for years, chattering about TV shows and book clubs. Stacy means everything to Hazard. And he’s not about to risk losing her by revealing that he’s hopelessly, desperately in love with the little weirdo. No matter how… adult she suddenly seems. Which is why he can’t explain how he let himself get dragged off GSU to help her graduate.

In fact, half the Consortium is on campus to support Stacy. The “reformed” super-villains are going out for the football team, redesigning the curriculum and taking over a fraternity house for themselves. It’s going to be the best semester ever… So long as Stacy can keep Hazard from falling into the clutches of the most nefarious, gold medal winning, swimsuit model, super heroine to ever crawl out of mean girl hell… Bekki.

Oh, and there are also some monsters.


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