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Stacy's thoughts on the Supernatural finale

In honor of the season finale of Supernatural which aired tonight, I thought I’d hand the blog over to Stacy from the Consortium of Chaos series (and star of "Electrical Hazard"), and let her give her thoughts on it. As readers may recall, it is her favorite series on TV:

Thoughts on the Supernatural season finale by Stacy Bell

Okay, so as I’m SURE everyone out there knows, the season finale of Supernatural just aired a couple hours ago. So, I thought I’d write down a few of my thoughts on the show in general.

I’ve watched the show since season 2, and it’s the best thing on television. …Possibly in the history of the world, although antibiotics and stuff are important too, I guess. In any event, I feel like the show has lost its way over the past couple seasons. STILL the best show on TV (EVER!) but even the best of us need some help from time to time, and show, here are my suggestions to your writers. If they are reading this, they can feel free to use any of them (…now I’m thinking about how TOTALLY awesome it would be to appear in the Supernatural credits…).

1. Dean is the best hunter. PERIOD. I don’t care how many guest stars we throw in there, or how many times we show some monster tossing him around. It’s been shown time and time again that Dean is the only hunter with the mind, body (WOW), and MOST importantly HEART to protect the world from evil. I AM a superhero, and I know what they look like, and Dean is one. Look at the man! All he needs is the Cape! The show periodically seems to lose this point though, and as it’s been the heart of the show since its inception, that means that the show feels different now than it ever has before.

2. Why is Dean sidelined this season? It seems like every other character on the show has had some real storyline, and grand drama to showcase them. Even CHARLIE for God’s sake, and who even cares about her? Answer: NO ONE. Dean is a deeply nuanced character, ably played by a fantastic actor. He’s like a sexy onion, and each layer you peel off of him just reveals more and more awesome. But instead of watching those layers get peeled off (and while I’m dreaming, hopefully clothes as well) we are forced to watch him bringing soup to the other characters like something out of Downton Abby. It’s like having Rambo in the car, and going in to face the bad guys alone, or benching your best player in the last inning of the big game.

3. Why is the show standing in the way of Cas and Dean being together? They have a profound bond. PERIOD. Dean + Cas = EPIC! Imagine how pretty their babies would be!

4. Why does the show try to make Sam into Dean? Sam is Sam and he has an important place on the show, but it’s NOT in front of Dead. The show is supposed to be about the brothers as they travel the back roads of America and fight evil. It is NOT supposed to be about the brothers staying in the same place, while SAM tries to fight the forces of evil, and Dean makes him soup. It is also not about watching Sam sit around all summer and tinker with broken air conditioners while Dean suffers alone. (Thankfully, Cas was there and was able to help him. At least SOMEONE cares about him.) Sam made less of an effort to help Dean than I’ve made to conquer interstellar flight. Now, I don’t blame Sam for this. I know a lot of people (rightly) do, but I place the blame on the writers’ doorstep. The Sam I know from previous seasons would have moved Heaven, Hell AND Purgatory to get Dean back, no matter how many cheap motel trollops try to distract him. That is the WRITER’S fault, and they had better fix it. Sam deserves better. And Dean DEFINITELY deserves better, both from the writers and his brother.

Now some thoughts on the finale (SPOILERS!)

5. So, let me see if I understand this, show: Dean has to apologize for not trusting Sam, despite the fact that the series has showed us time and time again that his distrust was entirely rational, justified and not NEARLY extreme enough! Maybe Dean would have trusted Sam is Sam had… I don’t know… DONE SOMETHING!

6. Did we learn nothing about leaving uber-powerful demon people tied up, and then leaving them completely unattended? Didn’t our prisoner escape the last time we did that? Last week? Am I the only one who remembers that? I mean, are Dean and Sam giving super-villain clichés a shot, and just leaving the prisoner alone instead of watching them?

7. So, all that time we spent following Amelia and her war hero husband around was, what? Just filler? Was she like the director’s daughter who wanted to be on daddy’s show? Why did the show think we needed to see all that?

8. Why are we suddenly afraid of Sam dying? The Winchesters die like twice a season, why would this one be any different? I’m a super-hero too, so I understand the idea that death is a temporary inconvenience, and nothing more.

So, in the end, Supernatural has an exciting opportunity to fix the many MANY problems which uncaring writing have created, but amazingly talented actors and a loving fanbase can solve. Now, I’m not saying I have all the answers here… No, wait. That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying, isn’t it?


FIX IT WRITERS! I just want to watch Dean continue his livelong career of awesome, and never have to watch him waiting on someone again! 

-Stacy Bell


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