Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The best friends are fictional friends

I was reading an article about J.K. Rowling today, and how she says that if she could talk to any of the characters from her Harry Potter books, she would want to talk to Dumbledore (http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/...), and that got me thinking about my own books.

If I could pull any character from any of my books to talk with, it would probably be Holly. She’s the kind of friend I would want to have: fun, funny and always willing to hang out. Sure, I’d probably be called to testify a lot, and be forced to lie about being with her at a given time when a woman who looked suspiciously like her was seen destroying a metropolitan area, but it would be a small price to pay. Plus, having an in with her father would be pretty cool, as I’ve got a Christmas wish list a mile long. And she makes her own marshmallows and gingerbread men. Baked goods are a prerequisite for my ideal friend, and if I’m going to hang out with a fictional character, I see no reason to not hang out with one who would be fun to hang out with. And who has awesome fashion sense.

From my sister’s books, I’d probably go with Job, but for the opposite reasons. He’d be there to pat my hand in a comforting way, and tell me that Holly was leading me down the wrong path, and that she was a bad influence and was causing me to throw away a promising career. And speaking of career, he’d probably be able to help me out with that too, and give me good advice in a calm way, which I rarely take but desperately need. Having a life coach would be good though, and he doesn’t judge too much, which would be good since I mess up a lot. A whole lot. And if I asked him really, really nicely, I bet he’d help pay off my staggering student loans, which makes him an okay guy in my book, and the kind of friend I would want to have. Plus, he’d be a good character reference for when Holly got me arrested and I was now facing serious jail time for something crazy she had done. He's like a judge or whatever, which would have a lot of jury appeal and could keep me from getting sent away for a long, long time.

My sister says she would hang out with Cory from my books, but she would just want to use him for his powers, because he could put her into Supernatural to meet Dean.

From her own books, she'd go with Kingu because he can make her stuff, and she'd like to have a unicorn. And if he likes you, he's willing to help you with anything. "Hey, Kingu?" She'd say. "Can you make me a castle?" And then she'd get a castle. Which would be cool.

You'll notice that Cassie is inherently more selfish in her friendships than I am. And yet her books sell more than mine. As our readers, I think you can see how entirely unfair that truly is. ;)


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