Monday, January 14, 2013

Romance novel December Sales Figures

Okay, time to introduce a new feature... well, the blog is only a day old, so everything is new at this point, but you get the idea... we here at Star Turtle Publishing thought it'd be interesting to open up the books and share the sales figures.

So, of the books we publish, the leader by a mile was Treasure of the Fire Kingdom. In fact, Kingu has now outsold book three of the Elemental Phases series, Exile in the Water Kingdom in overall sales. Personally, I don't understand why anyone would read book 4 without book 3, but I'd never tell anyone how they should enjoy their book.

In any case, here's the rundown in case anyone was interested:

Highest sales for Dec 2012

1. Treasure of the Fire Kingdom
2 and 3 (tie): Guardian of the Earth House and Exile in the Water Kingdom
4. Not another vampire book
5. Warrior from the Shadowland
6. The Son of Sun and Sand
7. Yesterday's Heroes

Careful observation will reveal that all of Cassandra's books outsold mine last month. This cannot continue people. Let's try to reverse the list this month, okay? ;-


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