Monday, January 14, 2013

New supernatural romance / urban fantasy / superhero romance novel: The Guy Your Friends Warned You About

 Published the 3rd book in the Consortium of Chaos series the other day, The Guy Your Friends Warned You ABout It's Cynic's book, and it and I have a bit of a complicated history.

I have a tendency to write books out of order. Cassandra (Cassandra Gannon) thinks I'm odd as she writes hers in order, but generally, I skip around. So, I might write the second chapter, then the last one, then chapter 10, etc. I have no idea why. That's just the way my brain works sometimes. I'll even write a random chapter from another book. For example, I have several chapters for book 5 done already.

Anyway, this book was actually at publishable length before Yesterday's Heroes (book one in the C of C series) was even completed. The problem was I wasn't happy with it. Also, you can't have a book 2 without book one, but that's beside the point. So, I shelved the book and decided to write Tyrant's book (The Son of Sun and Sand) as book 2 instead, and the time off from it allowed me to get some distance and re-examine some of the decisions I made. In other words, I had to toss a lot of it out and built again. In the end though, I took the parts from the first draft I liked and reimagined them into a better story. I hate it when writers rush a book, just to get it to market sooner, and the story suffers as a result. Personally, I'd rather wait an extra month or two and make sure the story is the one the characters want to tell. If I had any advice to give to another author, it would be that you should never be afraid to wait until the story is right. Start over if you have to, but never release something you're unhappy with. Because chances are, the readers won't be happy with it either. Or you.

The title was originally going to be "Reality's Orphan," which is a line from the book, but then Cynic called himself "the guy your friends warn you about," and I knew he was onto something with it. I liked that title more, so I immediately edited the already completed cover.

All in all, I think it turned out very well. That my sound braggy, but if I were unhappy with the story in some way, I'd change it. ...Which also sounds braggy, but if I were unhappy with the stuff I say in my blog posts, I'd change that too... ;- )

- Lizzy


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